Just a little cunt
Too far gone

May we touch once before we fall. The world closes in on me and I surrender. 

I reach out to you but you’re too far gone. Falling into nothing. 
The bleak waters enclose me. 

I drown in the hollow mass, catching breath. Losing time. 

I call for you.

You are too far gone. 


Words slip through my mind, an absence of meaning.

Nothing taking hold. An eclipse of time swims past me.

All thoughts turn to dust, I feel like I’m drowning. 

Drowning in time. 

A million seconds

The darkness lingers, taunting my woken mind. A thousand thoughts swirling around me.

A hundred nights, full of lost days. Watching time ebb down to nothing. 

Waking nightmares, sleeping dreams. A million seconds of wasted breath. 

Blood itches, crawling through my veins. My body twitches. The screaming silence surrounds me. 

Who I am

Shattered thoughts smash to the floor, I am not me, I don’t know who I am anymore. 

The cold surrounds me, closing in. Leaving goose bumps on my skin. 

Time runs away and I feel lost, forgotten dreams, and words and thoughts. 

Battered and bruised is my fragile mind, maybe all I need is time. 

Made it strong

Please be gentle with my fragile heart, for it is already smashed on the floor. 

If you can, piece it back together, give it time and it will be yours. 

Hold it safely within your hands, please protect it the best you can. 

It will probably fail and let you down, for it does not know what it’s doing now.  

And when that time comes that you have made it strong, I will claim it back as my own. 

Intertwined in my soul

The voices, the voices they all talk at once. Filling my mind and seeping into my veins.

I feel it pulse through my body, enveloping me. Entrapped by the waves, the sounds so deafening. 

So loud, so intertwined in my soul. There is no release from the noise. No escape, no way out until they seise to be.  

All is silent until the voices. 


The darkness envelops me. Entrancing me with it’s silent calling. I travel through the shadows, hiding from the searing light. 

I hear the whispers and run. I wont be trapped any longer. The light is blinding, without it I see clearly. 

I’m entrapped by the beauty of your soul, but it could never be. 

My dear

How do forget about you when you didn’t say goodbye? So many words left unspoken so many feelings left to die. 

Sometimes I still think of you when I’m all alone. My memories are haunted  by you, I wish I knew where you had gone. 

My heart will never be broken, my dreams of you will never seise. I miss you so damn much my dear, you plagued me with your disease.  


Stranded by the passing waves.
Whispers echo before they fade. 
Dreams passing by as quick as they form, I fall to my knees and pray. 

Time won’t heal the wound of you.
Time can’t undo the things you do. 
Wasted words left unsaid, floating around inside my head. 

Chasing time, it’s running out. 
All those promises left me to doubt. 
Left behind and all alone. 
You went without a word, I’m here without hope. 

In the night you come to me.
I need you to leave me be.
I’m haunted by the loss of you.
Empty thoughts that won’t come true. 

Make ends meet

Keep your head up, keep your hopes down. Disrupted sleep, broken dreams. 

Travel through life and make ends meet. One day it will end and you can rest your tired mind. 

Racing thoughts, over analysing voices. Plagued with your misconception of what the world owes you. 

Take nothing, expect nothing. You were born alone and that is how it will end.